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იან ბერნსი

International projectsit is a function of the manager: Establishing and developing international projects, taking care of support. Managing communication with international partners in order to meet the requirements of international projects. Planning projects, monitoring progress from initial idea to completion. Conducting trainings and providing evaluation. Coordination meetings with members of the project team, monitoring of project activities, preparation of plans, SamuShao analysis and implementation with the required accuracy. relevant Delegating unnecessary work, allocating resources and ensuring all deadlines are met on time.

 The function of the manager of the student support center is:

Protection of students' rights, taking care of their psycho-emotional condition with the active involvement of a psychologist;

 facilitating adaptation to environmental conditions so that students can realize their potential to the maximum;

Implementation of the main tasks of the center, in order to create an equal environment for all students to reveal their abilities and achieve success.

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