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Success in the Czech Republic

At the creative festival held in the Czech Republic on December 16, students of the Georgian-American school achieved many successes!

Winners were announced in vocal and painting - in different nominations

  age categories 13-16 years:

Ana Sulamanidze - vocals, Grand Prix

Irakli Kupatadze - vocals, first place

Tuti Kelekhsashvili - drawing, first place

Tekla Berukashvili - drawing, first place

Kesaria Tsurtsumia - drawing first place.

Lizzy Tsereteli - vocal second place, , painting - first place

9-12 years:

Elene Loladze - vocals - second place,  drawing - first place

Luka Ramishvili - vocals, second place.

Keti Margvelashvili - vocals - second place

Ana Giorgadze - painting, first place

Tekle Berishvili-drawing first place

Natalia Aslanishvili - vocal laureate

Nini Bagashvili-vocal laureate

Christmas Star" will coincide with the Days of Georgian Culture in Prague.

An honorary award ceremony will be held on December 28 in Biltmore Tbilisi. Presenter (Erna Tsifuria, "Gvirila" Academy; Nina Chikhladze, "Women of Georgia" Association, at which there will be an honorary award ceremony for Mrs. Irma Meskishvili.

at the international festival from Georgia

Presenting Academy "Varila" President Erna Tsipuria;

Project: "Bridge" A meeting with the Georgian diplomatic corps and the Georgian ambassador to the Czech Republic, another step forward towards European integration.

Presented by - Nina Chikhladze, Association "Women of Georgia" _"Ladies of Georgia";

The founder of the Georgian-American School, Ms. Irma Meskhishvili, presented herself online before the Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Georgia to the Czech Republic;

The Ambassador of Georgia to the Czech Republic - Mrs. Thea Maisuradze, presented Mrs. Irma with a certificate of gratitude. The event was attended by the Consul of Georgia and the cultural attaché of Georgia in the Czech Republic.

 The teachers of the Georgian-American school Mrs. Ia Khurtsilava and Nino Gorkhelashvili also participated in the project;

The Ambassador Plenipotentiary of Georgia presented them with honorary certificates;

A student of Irma Meskhisvili, who graduated with honors from the Georgian-American School, appeared before the Diplomatic Corps of Georgia 

Today, he is a member of the board of ESN (Erasmus Student Network); Teacher of the Red Cross;

Member of Pharmacognosy, Biochemistry and Medical Journal Club;

Scholar at LSMU University, 4th year; One of the best students in the entire faculty, both among foreign and Lithuanian students

L'Oréal Baltic finalis winner;

Pharm tech winner;

Davit Ramishvili presented himself before the diplomatic corps of Georgia as a speaker and mentor of the Georgian-American school;

The presenter of the international festival is Ms. Erna Tsifuria and the Academy "Gvirila"


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