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Regeneron ISEF - is the largest student competition in the world.

Regeneron ISEF - International Science and Engineering Fair is the largest student competition in the world. Since 1950, it has been held annually in the US. The authors of the winning GAS and GAHS projects, on behalf of Georgia, travel to the United States and participate in a competition with 1,800 peers from 80 countries around the world.

Each participant presents their work on the stand and defends their work before a jury, often composed of Nobel Prize winners.

The director of the school, Mamuka Meskhishvili, founded the INTEL ISEF Representation in Georgia in 2005 - GEO 001, called the Georgian Science Projects Olympiad

This year, Georgian Science Projects Olympiad will be held on 15/03/2022- 21/03/2022. The deadline for applying is 14/03/2022.

The Winning Science projects will be presented virtually during the International Science fair in May.


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