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INESPO is the International Olympiad in Environmental and Scientific Projects, organized nationally on May 16, 2009. And since 2010 it has been held internationally.  The International Olympiad in Environment and Science Projects is designed for students between the ages of 13 and 18. They want to involve students in important issues in order to bring public consensus to environmental values and ultimately eliminate environmental  Problems through education. 

In order for the Olympiad to be interesting and not restrict students and teachers to one particular topic, the International Olympiad in Environment and Science Projects chooses to define the project in terms of a wide range. Each of the five categories can be considered in a broader context.

These categories are:

  • Environment & Chemistry

  • Environment & Physics

  • Environment & Biology

  • Environment & Geography

  • Environment & Social / Civic Education

The plan of the Olympiad is for students to express their views on paper, which will also be provided with a concept. The result of the most innovative, creative idea that can solve environmental problems can be a miniature design or a kind of collage. On Exhibition Day at the Olympics on April 20 (nationally) and June 3.4 (internationally), project participants should be able to explain, observe, and serve their design, both theoretically and practically.

Participants can request audio-visual support if necessary. The spoken language is English and the organization does not provide an interpreter.

Awards for international projects are as follows:

  • 1st place - Gold Medal

  • 2nd place - silver medal

  • 3rd place - bronze medal

  • 4th place - Support Award

All participants will also receive an "Environmental Certificate".

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