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Eco Club Larix

Ecoclub Larix report

   Georgian-American School Ecoclub Larix was founded in October 2022.

The first working meeting of the Ecoclub was held on 26.10 2023. The leader of the club was elected by voting at the meeting.

   In November 2022, the project "Collect plastic waste" was implemented. At the initial stage, cooperation with the waste processing company "Polyvim" began. A representative of the company visited the school and held a seminar on "Plastic waste recycling". During the seminar, the students learned about how plastic waste is collected, sorted and processed. They looked at samples of polyester synthetic fiber made from recycled plastic waste. A discussion was held and the students asked questions about the issues they were interested in.

   After the workshop, separation bins were set up in the school, in which students will collect plastic bottles and other waste. This waste will then be processed by the company's enterprise. This activity is in line with the 12th goal of sustainable development "Sustainable consumption and production".

  In December 2022, the club joined the "Niko Ketskhoveli Award" contest. The main goal of the contest is to provide schoolchildren with information about the goals of sustainable development and to show the possibilities of making changes with their own hands to improve the natural and social environment. The persons involved in the competition themselves become participants in the process of sustainable development. Sustainable development includes economic, social and ecological aspects. It is believed that development should be economically beneficial, socially just and environmentally friendly.

   The Ecoclub performs the activities in the competition guide, the description of which and relevant supporting material are uploaded to the competition website  Each activity is evaluated with seedlings (points)

   Within the framework of the competition, an Ecoclub page was created where the activities performed by the Ecoclub will be published, which will contribute to the promotion of Ecoclubs and the competition. %91%E1%83%98-%E1%83%9A%E1%83%90%E1%83%A0%E1%83%98%E1%83%A5%E1%83%A1%E1%83% 98-georgian-american-school-103670862643200

  In December 2022, Ecoclub launched the "Quality Education" campaign, at the initial stage of the campaign, students organized a school fair. They have collected books for children of all ages. The activity was held in a friendly and cheerful environment, all children were involved in the process of collecting and sorting books. The children gave these books to the employees of the National Library. The National Library will use these books to enrich the libraries of the villages.

   This activity corresponds to the 4th goal of sustainable development "Quality education"


 Active members of the Georgian-American School Eco Club visited the 7th graders of the same school. The students asked the guests questions about plastic waste collection. Children were interested in the purpose of collecting plastic bottles and what can be made from recycled waste. The students liked the idea of the project and expressed their desire to make their own contribution to it, which means reusing things and, as a result, encouraging sustainable consumption. 

Eco-clubs decided to give the children the task "second life of used things". While completing the task, they asked the art teacher for help. 

During the lesson, the students discussed what could be done from the used items and decided to make handmade gifts. 

Under the guidance of an art teacher, they used cardboard boxes, used bottles and old dishes. The students found the process very fun and interesting and they were happy to get involved. Children presented handmade items to the school. It was decided that the produced items will be collected in the school and an exhibition will be organized in the future.



In January 2023, the members of the Eco Club of the Georgian-American School started working on the 15th goal of sustainable development, the theme of which is: "The Earth's Ecosystem". Deforestation to make paper is one of the biggest challenges for the modern world, so at the initial stage, the children decided to collect paper. Eco-club members visited the school canteen and took out cardboard boxes. From these boxes, the children made bins in which the used paper will be collected. In addition, the students asked their classmates, teachers and administration to bring old notebooks, books and albums. Everyone got involved in this work with great enthusiasm and determination. The collected materials were sorted and placed in boxes, which will make the handover process easier. The waste paper will be handed over to the waste paper receiving point.



    Ecoclub members decided to collect other things besides plastic bottles to promote sustainable consumption. After consulting with the teacher, it was decided to collect them

old clothes Find a list of organizations that collect items for the underprivileged. At the first stage, the organization Caritas was selected, which has a "goodness box" in several locations. The children chose the "goodness box" located in the social cafe "Mziuri" and placed the collected and sorted clothes in this box. The mentioned activity aroused great interest among other students and teachers, as a result of which it was decided to give the mentioned activity a permanent character.



  2023  On January 27, the active members of the club, Tekla Berukashvili and Nia Kakhian, held an informational meeting with the 8th graders on the topic of "Healthy Eating", the students talked about healthy eating at the meeting. on energy value; During the day, how many times it is desirable to eat food, what kind of product is necessary for the body and which food should be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They also discussed the importance of water for the body; When and in what volume is it useful to take water. They discussed the negative aspects of unhealthy food and what kind of diseases it causes. At the end of the meeting, the students discussed the energy value of organic substances and the norms of their intake.



  The members of the Eco-Club of the Georgian-American School decided to help the victims of the earthquake in Turkey. The earthquake occurred on February 6 of this year. As a result of the earthquake, according to preliminary data, 18,000 people died, many families were affected and hundreds of buildings were destroyed. 

 Eco - the club members discussed the types of natural disasters and the scale of the resulting damage; They discussed how powerless a person is at such a time and how important immediate help is. 

  With the help of the teacher, the children searched for information about the organizations that were directly involved in the process of helping the victims. Finally, the organization of businessmen "Musaid Tbilisi" was selected. 

The children collected warm sweaters, coats, personal hygiene items and baby diapers. The collected items were handed over to "Musaid Tbilisi", where they were met by a representative of the organization. The children asked him about the current situation and wished for peace. This activity is in line with Sustainable Development Goals 3 and 16.

Eco-club member, 9th grade student Sandro Kiria   on February 6 held a meeting with 7th graders on the topic: Georgia's Red List. At the meeting, the children got to know how and when the national red list was created, which species of plants And animals are included in it; How to mark the location and status of species. 

The meeting turned out to be quite friendly and cheerful. The children listened with great interest to the information about this or that animal or plant species and asked questions. This activity was in line with the 15th goal of sustainable development "Earth's ecosystems"




  On February 15   the 6th goal: "Clean water and sanitation in life" was discussed at the club's work meeting. . They discussed why it is necessary to accept the year, what properties water has and what functions water performs in the human body. The active members of the club, Nina Melikidze and Mariam Maisashvili, prepared a poster to inform their friends about the daily norm of water intake. . Eco-club members discussed whether it is appropriate to take an excess amount of water. Later, a poster will be printed and placed in the school's demonstration space.



   Eco-club members, Ana Jamelashvili, Mariam Mazmishvili, Elene Ivanidze and the leader of the development club   have decided to work on sustainable development. On the goal: "Affordable and clean energy". At first, the children decided to find out whether students and teachers spend energy economically. At the working meeting, it was decided to conduct a research that would give the children the opportunity to determine whether school students and teachers save electricity. The children came up with questions that they thought would help clarify the above issue. The survey was conducted online. The survey link was sent to teachers and high school students. As a result of the research, it was determined that 8% of respondents did not consider it necessary to save energy at all, and 20% did not know ways to save energy. Most of the interviewees saved energy mainly by turning off the lights in the rooms.

Based on the results of the research, it was decided that the school will conduct an information campaign in the future, which will be aimed at raising awareness in this direction.

  All activities were carried out under the supervision of teacher Lia Meskhi.

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