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Civic Education Lesson

In a proactive move led by the tenth-grade students at the Georgian-American school, a civic education lesson was designed to impart essential first aid skills to the participants.

 Taking the initiative further, the students reached out to Ken Volker International University, requesting their assistance in providing complimentary training sessions. Responding positively to the proposal, representatives from the university eagerly committed to contributing to the project and subsequently visited the Georgian-American school.

During their visit, the main objective was to deliver hands-on training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to the students. Under the guidance of guest lecturers from Ken Walker International University, including Mariam Festvenidze (MD), Davit Kalmakhelidze (MD), and Elene Festvenidze, a graduate medical student, students acquired crucial CPR skills through practical exercises involving specialized mannequins.

Recognizing the active engagement of both students and teachers in the training, certificates were awarded by the university's Quality Assurance Service, represented by Associate Professor Nino Shiukashvili, and the Head of Student Services and Support, Nini Zardiashvili. This acknowledgment highlighted the commendable commitment displayed during the educational session.


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