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Georgian-American School congratulates the students on the large-scale victory

Georgian-American school students participate intensively in the Republican Olympiads and achieve significant success. This time they won the Olympiad organized by St. Andrew the First-Called Georgian University. Georgian-American School congratulates teachers and students on a large-scale victory. Georgian language and literature: Nia Baramadze, Eka Akubardia - Team Victory (Eighth Grade) Ekaterine Akubardia - Personal Victory (Eighth Grade) Lizi Bukhrashvili - Honorary Diploma (Fifth Grade) Anamaria Katamadze - Honorary Diploma (Sixth Grade) Elene Jishkariani - Honorary Diploma (seventh grade) Nino Pipia - Honorary Diploma (seventh grade) Nutsa Khakhiashvili - Certificate of Honor (eighth grade) Mariam Kanashvili - Honorary Diploma (Ninth Grade) Saba Khimshiashvili - Honorary Diploma (Ninth Grade) Giorgi Janukashvili - Diploma (fifth grade) Lisa Medzvelia-Diploma (seventh grade) Elene Suramelashvili - Diploma (seventh grade) Elene Jishkariani - Diploma (seventh grade) Sandro Janelidze - Diploma (seventh grade) Zurab Mikhelashvili - Diploma (seventh grade) Nano Modosiani - Diploma (eighth grade) Lado Kamkamidze - Diploma (Ninth Grade) Mathematics: Anamaria Katamadze, Luka Mirziashvili - team victory Ana Maria Katamadze - personal victory Luka Mirziashvili - personal victory Lizi Bukhrashvili - Diploma (fifth grade) Lisa is an old woman - diploma (seventh grade) Gvantsa Khakhiashvili - Diploma (seventh grade) Elene Jishkariani - Diploma (seventh grade) Nia Baramadze - Diploma (eighth grade) English: Elene Jishkariani (seventh grade) Personal victory Anamaria Katamadze - Honorary Diploma (sixth grade) Alexander Museliani - Diploma (seventh grade) Irakli Berdzenishvili - Personal Victory (Ninth Grade) History: Ekaterine Akubardia - Honorary Diploma (Eighth Grade) Marie Rostomashvili - Honorary Diploma (Eighth Grade) Elene Jishkariani - Diploma (seventh grade) Mariam Kanashvili - Diploma (Ninth Grade)


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