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The achievements of Georgian-American school graduates are increasing.

We are proud to introduce you to the success story of our outstanding graduate. Keso Jorjiashvili graduated from the Georgian-American school last year and enrolled in the Free University with the highest grades in Georgia winning the full scholarship. Today, Keso visited her school to share her opinions to the senior students about the importance of motivation and success. “The skills acquired at Georgian-American school were very useful to me as a student. I often wanted to have fun and spend time like other kids, but I always set these thoughts aside and didn't put anything before work and studies. That's why I recommend you to use the opportunities the school gives you thoroughly, then you will thank the teachers and yourself. Courage and using time wisely always brings results, and I am convinced you will be the ones who will tell others how to achieve success." Just recently, Keso was among the 12 outstanding students who traveled to the Italian city of Naples, attended the game of the Napoli football club, and met the legendary football player Khvicha Kvaratskhelia. In addition to this, she has recently become a Gulf scholarship holder and was assigned a monthly salary of 300 GEL. We believe that a successful young student studying at the Faculty of Management and Social Sciences of the Free University will contribute to the development of the country after her graduation. Congratulations to Keso! We are sure that Georgian-American school will be proud of student’s achievements many more times!


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