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In 1993, representatives of the Etch Lorand University in Budapest and the Belarusian State University decided to hold a conference on secondary schools.

Among adults aged 14-18. The aim of such a youth competition was to familiarize students with the methods of scientific research and the various stages of research, including the definition of research material, problem-solving and research, hypothesis development, and final analysis.
The International Conference of Young Scientists was first held in Visegrad, Poland in 1994. From the period of its establishment to the present day  Many talented young people are participating in the conference from different countries, such as Belarus, Czech Republic, Finland, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Ukraine, USA, Hungary, Lithuania, Croatia, Indonesia, Turkey, Iran, Thailand, Nigeria, China, Korea, Malaysia, Serbia, Taiwan. International conferences play an important role  Talented students in education, giving what they have a unique opportunity to deepen their knowledge in various fields of science.
Existing many  Among the type of scientific events  The International Conference of Young Scientists will highlight individual work in a variety of fields, including physics, mathematics, computer technology, and ecology. According to the requirements  Each participant is required to submit a report on a specific topic of their choice from the fields of science listed above. According to the rules of the conference, the presentation in English should not exceed 15 minutes. The duration of the additional time for preparation is determined by the chairman of the jury. The international jury evaluates and awards the presented presentations.
Each year, 60-70 papers presented at the International Conference of Young Scientists are divided into 4 sections. A similar event aims to train students in the following skills:

  • Production of research works

  • Presentation and discussion of own results

  • Formulation of research results

  • Conduct the presentation in a foreign language

The conference implies certain commitments. Prerequisite for the presentation is compliance with the following categories:

  • physics

  • Mathematics

  • Computer technologies

  • Natural Sciences

  • Engineering case

  • The science of life

The presentation should clearly reflect the results of the research, achieved through the joint collaboration of a specific speaker or group of students.
On the opening day of the ceremony, the age of the person participating in the conference should not exceed 20 years, nor should he / she be considered a student of any higher education institution. Each group participating in the conference consists of no more than six representatives, two of whom are team leaders. According to the established rules, one delegation presents 4 presentations.

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