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The Cambridge International Examinations certify English language proficiency at various levels. Cambridge English exams are designed for language learners at all levels - from elementary to high school.

The Cambridge Exams in General, Business - and Legal English are recognized worldwide and are widely recognized for professional and academic purposes. The Cambridge exams consist of four parts - listening, speaking, reading and writing. All Cambridge exams meet the standards of the common European structure of languages. Scores range from a basic A1 level to a high C2 level.


These exams are the world leading exams for those who want to learn English. These exams have been passed by more than 3 million people in 130 countries. The Cambridge Certificate gives you the right to enroll in college or university, paves the way for your future career and helps you test your language skills.

More than 11,000 employers, universities and government agencies around the world recognize Cambridge International Qualifications. Cambridge International Exams are held in the spring, summer and winter. The Cambridge exams in Georgia are provided by the British Council in collaboration with the University of Cambridge.

Test results are known within 5 - 7 weeks from the day of the test. The answers are available online. The detailed procedure for checking the answers is announced on the day of the exam. Certificates are issued within 3 months from the date of the exam.

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