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Quality Management Manager

• Planning of educational programs provided by the third generation national curriculum and their periodic adaptation, monitoring and evaluation of the implementation process;
• Assessment of the quality of competence of employees working in the direction of educational and professional development; Determination of professional needs of school teachers and professional development. presenting recommendations in terms of their activities;
• Coordination of ongoing projects, events, activities planned by subject departments at the school;
• quality monitoring of the content side of the educational process, development of relevant recommendations and guidelines;
• Preparation of a report (analysis) on the progress of substantive, thematic works in the organization and submission to the director;
• Participation in the school's self-evaluation process together with the quality management group at the end of each academic year, developing the school's long-term (6 years) and short-term (up to 1 year) strategic development plan;
• Development of programs in accordance with the mission of the school together with the quality management group and subject departments;
• Organization and implementation of workshops with heads of departments and teachers on current issues related to the educational process;
• Organization of preparatory meetings for internal classroom observation of teachers under professional supervision; Observing the lesson, conducting formative evaluation of the lesson conducted by the teachers together with the members of the quality management team;
• Acquaintance with the recommendations developed by the quality group, giving all the necessary explanations to teachers;
• Preparation of self-assessment and relevant documentation to be submitted for authorization/accreditation/branding;
• Analysis of the state of the material and technical base (computers, educational laboratories, book fund of the library, etc.) and making recommendations.

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