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 Victory in Doha !!!  IJSO - 2019, Qatar!

The bronze medal is ours!

IJSO - The International Olympiad for Young Scientists was held this year in Doha, Qatar. IJSO is one of the most challenging Olympiads in the world, it is held in 3 natural sciences: physics, chemistry and biology. The Olympics last for 10 days and are held in three rounds. Students compete with each other in test, theoretical and experimental assignments. Team leaders are involved in selecting and translating Olympiad assignments, although all participants must be fluent in English. This year, a record number of countries participated in the Olympics - 70. The more joyful is the brilliant performance of our team - Georgians won a bronze medal!
The Georgian team was composed entirely of Georgian-American high school X grade students (as the age of the participants should not exceed 16 years).

It included:

  • Mariam Katamashvili

  • Mikheil Sepashvili,

  • Alexander Kokiauri,

  • Luka Mchedlidze,

  • Nano Kantidze 

  • Luka Zukhbaia  

It should be noted that the result shown this year is the best in the history of our team (Georgia has been participating in IJSO since 2016). Clearly, the STEM textbooks published by our school, based on IJSO's objectives from previous years, played a major role in this. Thus, the preparation of our team became systematic and the result was not delayed. The next Olympics will be held in Frankfurt, Germany, from where our team has already received an invitation. The number of participants in Germany was determined by 50 countries and their selection was based on the results shown in previous years. It should be noted that the Honorary Chairman of IJSO 2020 will be the President of Germany, Mr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

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