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Security Service

   Georgian-American School Security and Protection Service  It is a structural unit of the school, which together with the school community creates an atmosphere of kindness, mutual respect and cooperation.

The school building and the surrounding area are equipped with a video surveillance system and fire-fighting equipment.

Head of Security Service - Tinatin Tsitskishvili; Irma Batsikadze

Security Service: Mamuka Kabosnidze; David Nemsadze; Zaza Khurtsidze

Areas of activity of the Security and Security Service, main tasks and functions

   1. The main task of the service is to maintain order in the school building, yard and the surrounding area, as well as material property belonging to the school, as well as to ensure fire safety.

   2. The Service has the right to perform the following functions within its competence:

     A) in order to ensure the protection of the school, may not allow a foreign person to register on the school territory or without a special permit;

     B) take appropriate measures against the violator, if he / she does not comply with the requirements of the school's internal regulations, if necessary, apply to the school administration and patrol for assistance;

   3. Service employee  Obliged to protect in relations with citizens  Norms of work ethic.

   4.  The service protects the school buildings and the territory:

     A)  Stationary  Places;

     B)  With external and internal perimeter surveillance cameras;

     C)  By organizing other forms and methods of protection, by introducing technical means.

   5. It is prohibited for school security guards to spread political statements on the school premises, to involve students in political activities.

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