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Tunisia 2019

Tunisia International Conference I-FEST, held for the tenth time this year. Georgian team participated in the conference for the first time this year. It is noteworthy that this honor was bestowed on our school. 4 students of Georgian-American high school will compete with 500 students from 40 countries of the world. The victory of Georgians is even more joyful - Davit Pitskhelauri and Luka Gogichadze won silver medals, while Ana Razmadze and Demna Sokhadze won bronze medals in chemistry and biology sections. The Georgian team was led by our school teachers Ms. Lela Pitskhelauri and Ms. Diana Kantaria. It is safe to say that I-FEST is a similar conference to US INTEL ISEF, in which our school has been participating since 2005.

The cultural program of the conference was brilliantly organized at I-FEST. The students were impressed by the ancient Carthage, where the exact analogue of the Roman Colosseum is located. Unforgettable was the tour in the Sahara desert and oasis, where overnight stays took place in special air-conditioned tents.

Georgian-American High School is pleased to announce another new conference in the form of I-FEST in its annual international activities. From now on, the students of our schools will systematically participate in it.

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