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English Language Art

Based on the requirements of international educational institutions, the subject of ELA - "English language literature" is taught in English-speaking countries. It includes all areas of language development, focused on improving language skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar and phonetics), forming and developing critical thinking, problem solving and analytical skills.           _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  

Students are provided with age-appropriate texts from areas such as fiction, science, and sociology. They deepen their knowledge of symbolic expressions of the language, enrich their vocabulary, draw abstract conclusions and participate in discussions that help to raise the level of literacy. Thanks to literacy and knowledge of a foreign language, based on the analysis of different types of (artistic, scientific, journalistic...) texts, students engage in analytical thinking, creativity   and discussion processes both individually and in groups. English literature as a subject is the foundation of communication and lifelong learning.


It was introduced in the Georgian-American schoolCommon Core Math (Grades 3-10), The Preliminary SAT, also known as the PSAT and the PSAT/NMSQT (National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test) and SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) programs.

Common Core Math, PSAT and SAT programs are taught  in English. Different learning strategies are used in the learning process, which develops students' analytical thinking skills and encourages their cognitive development.

Common Core Math (Grades 3-10)

Core subject standards define the skills and knowledge that all students need to succeed in college, careers, and life.

The SAT is a standardized test that is required for admission to universities or colleges in the United States.

Students are eligible for admission and funding based on their SAT scores.

The Pre-SAT, also known as the PSAT/NMSQT, is a test administered by the American organization College Board. Students can take the PSAT in grades 10, 11, and 12.

PSAT preparation plays a critical role in passing the SAT.

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American History

The subject "American history" is taught in English. This program gives students of our school an opportunity to get an education about the United States of America, to study various aspects of the life of the American society from both a historical and a contemporary perspective.

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The role of science as a subject in the development of students' cognitive skills is very important. In the learning process, the student develops critical thinking, problem solving and cooperative communication skills. A positive mood is formed and interest in natural sciences is awakened. Children aspire to explore the surrounding world and the processes taking place in it, to discover novelties and to understand the set of processes taking place in it - from human structures to complex scientific devices. In addition to increasing motivation to learn foreign languages, students acquire scientific terminology and the ability to use it, which helps children to understand the role of science in the history of mankind in general.


During the course of the lesson, laboratory works are often completed in accordance with the topic, which also develops students' ability to teach by doing. All this helps the next generation to create their own career.

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Social Studies -is a subject that deals with people, their behavior, growth and development, relationships, the resources they use and the various institutions they need to function and realize themselves in various ways. For example: family, school, workplace, government, court system, leisure clubs and A.S. All these aspects of life are interconnected and interdependent.

Social studies teaches students how   to live in society, to learn to interact with people from different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, to adapt to different situations and circumstances, as well as how to follow certain social norms in order to lead a peaceful and productive life.

The subject helps children:

• They were more informed about the world and environment;

• promotes the development of critical thinking skills;

• contributes to raising the social responsibility of students;

• Helps students become better citizens.

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TOEFL Primary

Our school offers students a TOEFL Primary preparation course, which includes the development of four basic skills in language learning. These skills are: speaking, listening, writing and reading.

Toefl Primary is taught from grades 3 to 6 inclusive. The course aims to develop students' ability to concentrate. Creative and hands-on exercises help students learn the language for a wide range of purposes. Class activities include individual, pair and group work.

During the year, students will be able to take international exams at Toefl Primary and Toefl Junior levels. It should be noted that the results of this exam are the best indicator to check the knowledge level of students and help students on their way to success.

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