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Academic Departments

  There are 7 departments in the Georgian-American school:


Natural Science


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Social Sciences


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Exact Sciences


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Foreign languages


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Foreign languages Chair

     The subject departments of the school are the structural part of the Georgian-American school                 Units whose goals and objectives are:

  • Effective selection of educational resources;

  • Work on documentation confirming the summative assignments given by each teacher in the classes. The above documentation should include: the outcome (s) of the standard that was assessed by the specific summary task; The criteria by which these assignments were evaluated; Several samples of student-completed and teacher-evaluated work or visual material of the work performed; Points earned by students in each class;

  • Teacher professional development  And lecture-seminars, conferences  And organizing other events;

  • Effective planning and implementation of research activities;

  • Monitoring and evaluation of teachers' activities;

  • Promoting cooperation between teachers;

  • Development of internal and external partnerships (relations with the subject departments of different schools for the purpose of exchanging mutual experiences, etc.);

  • Coordinate subject groups to find additional resources  Promotion (eg professional textbooks for the library, basic / auxiliary literature, etc.);

  • Promoting the development of writing, reading, speech and critical thinking in students;

  • Planning learning activities to increase students' motivation: presentations, domestic and international / international competitions, Olympiads, conferences, targeted excursions;

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