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Information About The School

Georgian-American school. Georgian-American School is a place where students receive the best quality education in a safe and friendly environment equipped with international standards.

The Georgian-American School is an SAT exam provider in Georgia that provides certification exams for both Georgian and foreign nationals.


Georgian-American school schedule - 9:00 - 16:30 hours; Basic, intermediate level - 9:00 - 15:30 hours.

The curriculum of the Georgian-American school includes:

  • Reform of general education - introduction of the third generation national curriculum.

  • Non-formal education:
    Step-by-step - creative and sports circles.
    Basic and intermediate level - clubs.

  • Additional compulsory/non-compulsory educational services.

  • Intensive teaching of foreign languages (English language 10-12 hours per week)

  • authentic lessons of an American teacher;

  • Russian language - 4-5 hours;

  • third foreign language from the 6th grade - German or French (optional) - 2-3 hours;

  •  small number of foreign language groups (7-8 students per group);

  • Homework (partial) preparation at school;

  • preparation of projects and presentations;

  • Preparation for Cambridge and TOEFL certification exams;

  • Calculus Math and Science, Social Studies in English with textbooks from American accredited programs.

  • science clubs and robotics at school;

  • tennis lessons on Mziuri courts;

The school provides:

  • two meals;

  • school uniform (one set);

  • transport services;

  • The school is served by: security service, pediatrician, psychologist.

  • In case of 2 students from the family - 10% discount applies;

  • 10% discount applies when paying the tuition fee in advance;


  The Georgian-American School also offers:

The following programs are taught in the English language in III-X classes with higher standard:English Language Arts (ELA); Common Core Math, Social Studies, American History; Science; Business Partner; TOEFL Primary; PSAT and SAT.


    Secondary school students are preparing for international certificate exams:

  • FCE



Students of our school take the College Board PSAT 8/9, PSAT 10, PSAT/NMSQT and SAT exams within the framework of the American program.


The school is carrying out:

Conference and Olympiad teaching in STEM subjects;

science clubs, robotics, calculus and electronics;

In the XI - XII grades, matriculation work in humanitarian, technical and natural science groups;

exchange programs and summer schools in Germany, England and America;

The maximum number of students in a class is 18-20.

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