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Dear Parents And Beloved Children!


 The formation of the Georgian-American school was based on the knowledge accumulated over many years of experience and the high demands of modern society.

In our school, students are actively involved in both national and foreign programs based on world standards. By participating in international conferences and national competitions of young scientists, students will acquire basic knowledge and develop those skills, the possession of which is crucial for establishing a proper place in the modern civilized world.

The school administration and a strong team of professional teachers work tirelessly to create a pleasant environment with caring, comfortable  and safe conditions for your children, which will awaken the desire to learn in students and increase their work ability.

   The priority directions of the Georgian-American school are English and mathematicsEach student is precious to us, and a cordial, individual approach to them ensures high academic performance of each of them.   

A relationship based on mutual cooperation and love between the student, teacher and parent is our main pillar on the road to future success.

  We wish you the new academic year to be the year of fulfilling your pleasant hopes  within the walls of the Georgian-American school!

Best Wishes,

Irma Meskhishvili, director of the Georgian-American School

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